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TM4G Network - TM4G

No more hassles!

Are you an entrepreneur? A business manager?
Are you looking for new markets, solutions, support or advice?
Do you have neither the time nor the desire to look everywhere for help?

TM4G eliminates the hassles entrepreneurs and business managers face!


TM4G is a young, dynamic company that gives you access to a single-window service for setting up, developing or restructuring a business.

To achieve this, TM4G relies on the strength of its network of partners and founder’s know-how.


TM4G has assembled a network of reliable partners that specialize and have vast expertise in a variety of fields. They can handle questions about the legal or financial aspects of a transaction, accounting or taxation, building construction and architecture, human resources management or administrative support.

TM4G’s partners work together and share the same objective: to simplify your life!

Should we set up a meeting?



Although he prefers to stay in the background while helping you shine, Martin Tremblay is an accomplished businessman. Check out his Linked/In profile and you will be convinced of his proven track record.


Martin Tremblay began his career in 1992 as a representative for distribution companies. Ten years later, he co-founded a game distribution company that developed markets in the United States and internationally. Through acquisitions, the company substantially grew. Today, it has a strong worldwide reputation. In order to take on new challenges, he sold F2Z Entertainment in 2017 to focus on his new company’s future.

The company

Martin Tremblay provides professional guidance to entrepreneurs or managers seeking to achieve specific objectives. This approach makes it possible to leverage his vast experience. Even though he achieved success, Martin nevertheless experienced setbacks that have shaped the businessman he has become. His flair and unique understanding of entrepreneurship make him an outstanding and trusted advisor.

If you’re not afraid to work hard for your success, Martin will provide you with the resources required to achieve it. He will be thrilled to accompany you along the journey!